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Donors Choose

Donors Choose is a non-profit organization that allows individuals to donate directly to fund teachers' classroom projects. Check out the link above to see the open projects from teachers at Turtle Rock Elementary. 

Amazon Wish Lists

Below is a list of Amazon Wish Lists from some of the teachers at our school. Teachers, if you don't see your name here, please send an email to to get your list added.


Amy Bass - K

Kara Rice -  2nd

Erin Lezak - 3rd

Debbie Palmer - 4th

Janelle Clemmons - 4th

Kelly Jacobson - 4th

Carol Mai - 5th

Chris Kim - 5th

Katherine Reza - 5th

Michael Giambone - 6th


Library: Birthday Book Club!

Birthday Book Club invites families to recognize their child's birthday by donating a book to the school library. By donating a book, you can create a lasting memory of your child’s birthday. 

STEP ONE: Select a book from our Wish List at (Only books purchased from this wish list can be accepted for the Birthday Book Club donation) 

STEP TWO: Once you find a book to purchase, please have the book shipped to your address. Your child can bring the book to school with the form and give it to his/her teacher. Your child will have a picture taken for the Birthday Book Club bulletin board. If your child has a summer birthday, celebrate your child’s half birthday or anytime throughout the year.

STEP THREE: During the next few weeks, the book will be processed for circulation, and a bookplate will be affixed inside the book to acknowledge your child’s birthday. Your child will be given the opportunity to be the first person to check-out the book.

Please do not hesitate to contact Lisa Hoertig ( or Britney Padilla ( if you have any questions.


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