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Membership is $25/adult

 If you would like to register for an account on our website, please follow the same "Join PTA" link below. You may still sign up for an account without purchasing a membership.

We welcome all parents to join PTA. There is NO volunteer requirement for joining. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join PTA?

Becoming a PTA member makes a positive impact on not only your child, but all children at our school. It helps you stay involved with our school community and connected to other parents. We welcome all parents to attend our General Assembly meetings, but only PTA members can vote on things like budget, activities, and at board member elections. 

PTA is also an advocacy group on a national level. Every person that joins our PTA is also a part of California PTA and National PTA. 


Why should I donate to PTA?

There is not enough public funding for many of the programs that our school offers. Donations fund classroom accounts ($ that teachers use for classroom supplies and activities), STEM enrichment, assemblies, Reflections, field trips, school library books, PE coaches, teacher appreciation, family fun events (Movie Night, Fall Festival), and more! Without your donations we would not be able to have all these additional programs for Turtle Rock students and teachers. 


If I joined PTA last year, do I need to join again?

Yes, please! PTA memberships are only valid for each school year and are also specific to each school, so even if you were a member last year or have already joined at another school this year, please join our Turtle Rock Elementary PTA for 2023-2024!


Does my PTA membership cover just me or everyone in my family?

Our PTA membership fee is $25 for ONE adult. If you purchase one membership it is assigned to the adult in your family that made the purchase. That person will get an official PTA membership card and has voting rights at our General Assembly meetings. 


How many PTA memberships should I purchase?

We would like each family to have at least ONE adult become a PTA member. If both adults (or grandparents, etc) would like to join though, we encourage everyone to become a member! 


I have three children at Turtle Rock. Do I need to purchase three PTA memberships (one for each child) so that they are all counted in their class competitions? 

No, when you purchase ONE membership, all three of your children’s classes will get credit for you joining PTA. Please make sure all of your children have updated info listed in your account (grade level and teacher name). 


When will my child get the membership prizes?

Our membership VP is working hard to get prizes out as quickly as possible! Prizes will be sent home through teachers and may take some time to get distributed. If you have any questions about prizes or would like to help with the distribution please email 


I have a question, who do I ask?

Questions about membership and Fall Pledge Drive can be directed to Sana ( Questions about PTA can be directed to Steven ( or any of our other board members.

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Corporate Giving and Matching Programs

Please check your company's Employee Workplace and Corporate Charitable Giving Programs.  

Many companies provide matching funds for certain charitable organizations. We will work with your employer to establish eligibility for the Turtle Rock Elementary PTA (tax ID: 23-7160349) to receive matching funds. Please contact about the corporate matching process. Thank you for your support of the Turtle Rock PTA.

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